Addressing Real-Life Issues and Spirituality Through Multiple Layers of Meaning
Welcome! Dreamwork is a modality of personal and spiritual growth for most anyone who wants better understandings of their issues and problems. Over time, good dream analysis can bring insight, inspiration and practical benefit into all areas of our lives. In higher reality, dreams automatically formulate themselves with information to assist our spiritual evolution, portraying interior dynamics behind personal issues, external dynamics behind material issues, and often indicating precisely what we might do to address issues relating to health, work, finances, habits and pastimes, family issues, close relationships, and even larger societal factors. The information that dreams provide is almost always indirect and symbolic. Why? There is no free lunch. We must do our part if we wish to benefit from what our spiritual faculties offer us. This means dreamwork, formal or informal. Also, unless they are part of your issues, religions are irrelevant (although symbols frequently utilize religious imagery). Dreams speak a universal language. While there are no certainties in dream interpretation, I can help you conclude that A is much more likely true than B, or that X is more likely to happen than Y if preventative measures are not taken; or that, say, over the next five years, pursuing A would be much more likely be fulfilling than B. Only the dreamer can know precisely what their dream means, because only the dreamer knows his or her circumstances really well. So I’ll do the best job only if you participation! I do find, however, that people are often way off in their interpretations, due to the tendency to take symbols literally. I do think God/Self means us to be basically happy. So if you ignore your dreams, your life will probably turn out fine, like most people’s do: perhaps comfortable enough materially, but often missing out on deeper dimensions of personal and spiritual development. However, especially if your dreams are recurring, unpleasant, and you’re going though lost of changes, the help I offer could be very important. YOUR FIRST SESSION FREE… COMPLIMENTARY DREAM CONSULTATION BY SKYPE, PHONE AND/OR IN WRITING. Dreams are usually only disclosed in established therapeutic relationships… but you may be “okay” except for those blasted dreams! So, let’s get to know each other. Send me an email through the contact page, so we can set up a time and talk. Maybe not even about the dreams yet. Then in another free call, or in writing, we can do the actual session. Whichever we do, I’ll be asking for three pieces of information: (1) your general life circumstances—age, gender, occupation, family/relationship configuration (who’s alive, deceased, that sort of thing), health issues if any, and interests and pastimes; (2) current problems and issues, especially internal ones—what’s going on in your head; and (3) the dream(s) itself, in as much detail as possible: name and description of characters, feelings, level of vividness, verbal exchanges, colors of things, etc. Don’t mix these categories together- keep the dream(s) separate from the other two. So, I offer five possible types of sessions (the first four of which are free if it’s your first time): 1. TELEPHONE OR SKYPE: Call me and we’ll talk. You’ll give me the information and we’ll analyze it together in a step-by-step fashion. Subsequent sessions would be $25 per half-hour of discussion time. (Dream Consultation typically involves sessions spaced further apart, often monthly.) 2. LEVEL 1 WRITTEN: Basic meanings. You dream input and life circumstances should not be more than 50 words each and my response will not exceed 100 words.  $15.   3. LEVEL 2 WRITTEN: Detailed meaning(s) and recommendations.  In addition to alternate possible meanings, I will elaborate on the whys and wherefores of the single most likely course of action and shift in understanding that I think you should adopt. $25. 4. DELUXE COMBO: Same as level 2 with a phone call added. $60 with up to a half-hour of discussion. These sessions are usually a lot shorter because I will have had a chance to look at the dream. (Why are these prices so low? For most people, dream consultation or coaching is a new idea and it may take a while for its value to be recognized.) 5. SPIRITUALITY ISSUES:  If you have other spiritually-related questions that you would like to discuss in a session which does not focus on dreams (although they maybe involved), the rate is $60 per hour. In this case, sessions must either be in person or by good visual skype. For more on this, see the Meditation Techniques and Spiritual Recovery options in the toolbar. For the written options, use either the input form on the CONTACT page or my email address ( to submit dreams. The CONTACT form only takes about 200 words at a time; so send as many “contacts” in a row as you need to.

David Low MS, PhD
David Low MS, PhD
Understanding turmoil in planetary awakening
Credentials and Experience 
-PhD Religious Studies, Temple University -MS Community Counseling, Georgia State University -Adjunct Professor, Rutgers, LaSalle, etc Universities (10 years) -Substance Abuse Counselor (7 years) -Indigenous/pilgrimage travel experience, India & Americas -4 years living in eastern and western spiritual communities -32 years yoga, meditation and dream journaling -Member ACA, ISAD, previously     (and soon to be re-licensed counselor) -Professional Variety Entertainer (circus arts for 3 out of college- primarily juggling)
Welcome   to   my   website .   I   hope   you find    something    that    interests    you. Please    take    the    time    to    read    and ponder    the    descriptions    of    what    I offer.
Anyone’s   spirituality   can   be   enhanced or   deepened.   It   is   not   a   matter   of   fate that   a   person   may   not   be   able   to   pray or    meditate,    remember    their    dreams, relate     to     their     faith     community     or interpret   that   faith   in   a   satisfactory   way. Nor   is   it   set   in   stone   if   they   feel   guilty   about   a   sin, have   a   belief   crisis,   can’t   get   along   with   a   spouse on   a   different   path,   or   keep   relapsing   if   he   or   she uses    substances.    You    can    do    things    to    change that.